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Oldbury Men who died in WW1 and War Memorials

These related pages cover the war memorials erected after the First World War within Oldbury Urban District, the local authority in the 1920s.

The first table lists all the memorials known to Langley Local History Society, showing the number of individual names and the present location of the memorial, together will a link providing details and photographs. A summary of the recent project to preserve the Langley Parish Memorials is available here.

The second table links to pages giving the story of individual soldiers that have been researched by the society. This is an ongoing project, and batches of soldiers will be added when available. Currently, only the histories of the sixty-four men named on the Langley Memorial window are included.

Finally a link is provided to a single alphabetic index of the soldiers whose stories have been written.


Known Memorials within Oldbury Urban District

Memorial for
Present Location
Oldbury Urban District Cenotaph 0 Market Place
Oldbury Urban District Book of Memory 284 Sandwell Archives
Langley Parish Memorial Window 64 Zion United Reformed Church, Langley Green
Langley Parish Granite Cross 0 Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Church, Langley
Cecil Lloyd Memorial Memorial Window 1 Family owned
Warley Woods Parish Memorial Board 44 St Hilda's Church
Quinton/Warley Memorial Board ca 10 Christ Church, Quinton
Oldbury Parish Memorial Board 19 Christ Church, Oldbury
Rood End Granite Memorial 29 Grounds of Rood End School
Oldbury Wesleyan Church Stone Memorial 10 New Testament Church of God, Church Street
Unitarian Church * Tablet 4 nk
Oldbury Secondary School Memorial Window and Metal Plaque 9 Warley Academy
Abbey Road School * Roll of Honour 8 Abbey Road School
Tabernacle School * Roll of Honour 11 nk
Albright & Wilson Works Metal Plaque 12 Rhodia Works
Accles & Pollock Works* Roll of Honour 16 nk
Showell's Brewery Tablet 3 nk
* Also contains names of men who served but were not killed

The Oldbury Branch of the Royal British Legion has a collection of individual memorabilia relating to individual men who served in the war, and also have a garden of remembrance at their premises in Windsor Road, Langley.

Neither the present whereabouts, nor the original details, of some other memorials have been traced, for example, the Brades Village Roll of Honour, and the Rood End Roll of Honour compiled by the Rood End Sailors' and Soldiers' Fund.

Further information on memorials or individual soldiers is welcomed, and Langley Local History Society may be contacted through this site at: general@historyofoldbury.co.uk.


Histories of the Fallen of Oldbury, Langley and Warley

In 2007 Langley Local History Society collected the names of as many Oldbury men as they could trace, researched their stories, and published a book, 'The Fallen of Oldbury, Langley and Warley, 1914-18' (still on sale). Further information is now available on these men with the publication of the 1911 census and those military records that are still extant. Therefore, the stories of the soldiers can be updated, and these will be added to the website as they become available. In addition, around twenty other men of Oldbury Urban District have been traced, bring the total who fell to around 580 men.

In 2014 the two Langley memorials, a cross and a stained-glass window, situated at St Michael and All Angels, Langley Green, were threatened when the building was sold. Langley Local History Society set up a Memoreial Appeal Fund to renovate and re-site these monuments, and this project has now been completed. Restoration of the window was part-funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. To fulfill the requirements of the grant, Langley Local History Society agreed to research and publish fuller details of the sixty-four men named on this window. Their stories, in booklet form, may be consulted at Langley, Oldbury and Bleakhouse libraries, and are set out on this website.

The local history society has decided to continue re-visiting the stories of the other five hundred or so men of Oldbury, Langley and Warley who fell in WW1, and will add to the listings here when sections have been completed. At present, two sections have been completed, those for the Langley men listed on the Langley Memorial Window (about half of all the Langley men who died), and the Memorial Board at St Hilda's, Warley Woods.

These are PDF files which open in a separate window. They may be freely downloaded, and the pages are A4 size enabling all or part of the file to be easily printed.

Soldiers included
Men named on the Langley Parish War Memorial Window
Langley Parish men not on the War Memorial Window (being researched)
Men named on the Memorial Board of St Hilda's, Warley Woods (page in preparation)


Index of Histories of the Fallen

An alphabetic index of all the soldiers and sailors with connections to Oldbury, Langley and Warley currently identified by Langley Local History Society is available here. Only those whose history has been researched are indicated.

We would welcome details of any person omitted from this list. Contact us on general@historyofoldbury.co.uk.

Please note, the area covered is that of the Borough of Oldbury, established in 1935, and not the area within Sandwell currently defined as 'Oldbury'.

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