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There is an associated facebook site which is updated more frequently than this website and contains the latest information about Langley Local History Society and activities of historical interest in Oldbury. We now have over 800 'likes', and have change it from' Langley History' to 'Oldbury, Langley and Warley History'

It is not necessary to be on facebook to view it, but you do need to be a facebook member to add comments and participate fully.

The site acts as a forum to contact the website to ask questions, and post pictures or information related to the history of the area.





Oldbury is one of the six towns that make up the Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell, just west of Birmingham in the West Midlands. Langley and Warley lie within it.

Oldbury became an Urban District in the 1890's with three main townships, Oldbury itself, Langley and Warley. It received its charter in 1935, as the 'Municipal Borough of Oldbury'.

In 1966 it was amalgamated with Rowley Regis and Smethwick as the new 'County Borough of Warley', taking the name of the small township already within Oldbury. Eight years later the County Borough of Warley was combined with the County Borough of West Bromwich to form the new 'Metropolitan Borough of Sandwell'.


The Oldbury area has three local history societies within it:

Langley Local History Society
Oldbury Local History Group
Old Warley Local History Society

All three societies were established at local libraries, and have collected and published information on the history of the area.

Sandwell Map

This website exists to record and make widely available the history of Oldbury, Langley and Warley. It will be ever-changing as we try to cover all aspects of Oldbury's history, using the research carried out by the societies, and the archive of documents and photographs they have built up.

The site has details of

Oldbury's history as an overview, as articles on specific topics and as a timelime
Activities and news related to Oldbury's history and heritage
News of the local history societies
Details of publications for sale, and out-of-print publications as Adobe Acrobat files that can be downloaded and printed
A gallery of pictures and videos of the Oldbury area
A forum to raise questions and supply answers on Oldbury's history
External links and links to contact the website

We welcome information and questions on the history of the area, and gifts or loans of photographs and documents we can scan to add to the archive. You can contact us by letter, telephone or e-mail. If you love us or hate us, or have [polite] suggestions for the website, please let us know.


We are a 'local history' rather than a 'family history' site, but the distinction is blurred, and we welcome family data which so often feed into our understanding of the local area. We are happy to [try to] answer questions on Oldbury and its people arising from your family research, but cannot undertake extensive research on family history.


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